Because of something bad happening to me. There was a time when I trusted everyone, but now I don't trust anyone. It might be, because I have been taken advantage of by women and men. I felt used and abused, because they wanted something from me and then when they were done just abandoned me. It's happen a few times where I felt this way. I once helped a young woman who had been evicted from her apartment she came and lived with my husband and me until she found a place of her own. She began stealing some of my things and bringing her boyfriend over to our house. I finally told her how I felt but by that time she had already decided to leave. Another time we helped a man who didn't have a place to live. And he did the same thing he stole some of our things when he decided to move out. I feel I can't trust anyone anymore. I don't have any friends, because I feel they will just use me and then turn around and leave. I feel so alone sometimes. And the only times I seem to venture outside our condo is when I have appointments. I don't even trust the taxi drivers that drive me to my schedule appointments, but it's the only way that I can get around, because I don't like taking a city bus due to being around other people. I don't seem to feel comfortable being around others, but it could be due to my social anxiety disorder and my panic attacks. I am afraid to leave my home and don't know what I can do to help myself overcome this.
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Aug 22, 2014