I Found The Way Out

yeah i was afraid
till i said baby i will hurt for u , i want to feel every pain for u, and i did
i do
i will
you cant break me in that i become a rock
ill take all your pain you can have my my love and eternal amazement
and thats all, my everything for your pain.

im not afraid of love anymore

here is all my vulnerability destroy me ill find a way  and i did
bury me in the depths of the hell that your life has been i can take it
and i did
in my spirit i carried you up from the immaculate horrors you couldnt avoing causing me to feel in you
i helped you stand and set u free
i walked through two hells
and surrendered to a flame that purified me
i can feel your pain i can feel what you do that would have hurt me but can no longer hurt me
gotta be brave peeps

verndewd verndewd
1 Response Dec 6, 2012

Rock on :)