Seems Unnatural...

I don't have a natural urge to get married. I don't understand why marriage is natural to most people. I don't get it. Marriage just sounds insane to me. I guess I'm not human. I wouldn't want someone permanently bound to me until death. That sounds very sick to me. I would never consider marriage permanent. It sounds like an experiment to be conducted for a limited amount of time. Divorce sounds more natural for human beings.

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2 Responses Aug 19, 2011

I think this is the most logical answer! It's kind of like religion - it often sounds like a good idea at the beginning, but given enough time it usually creates a lot of pain for most people. Most of my children's parents are divorced or remarried. I'm still married but haven't slept with my wife for over 3 years. Doesn't seem like a lot of benefit for
One thing I really don't understand - seriously - is the issue of fidelity. I could be wrong, but I believe most men will cheat. And I believe that of the women that don't cheat, most will freak out when they find out their husband has cheated. But I don't understand why it's such an issue that it causes instant divorce for many.
For men, sex is NOT love! Is it better with love? Sure. But sex without love is also better than no sex.

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