Fear of Marriage

I could love someone with all of my heart, but I'm just too afraid to get married. Always have been. Maybe it has something to do with my parents getting divorced when I was six.

I just don't feel like I could trust someone enough to take that step.

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4 Responses Jun 9, 2008

Yup...me too. As a matter of fact I just ran away from yet another marriage proposal, one of many. My fear is that they won't fit into my life quite well. I seek out those qualities about them that I simply cannot live with and build my reasoning for not marrying them around just that. Perhaps there is a fear of not meeting their long-term expectations of who I am and who they "NEED" me to be. Maybe, I just want to be wanted, not needed...hehe.

I agree with you, and even more with Shaylon, because Shaylon's explanation is mine exactly.<br />
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I'll build on what autimom says, though. Marriage... is a very careful decision... since it is a way of life... & making babies. Be wary... but love it, too. Marry somebody you love who loves you back & after a long time of wonderful proof. yay, dating! :)<br />
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When there is someone who has EARNED your trust... that they want to make you happy... and who YOU want to make happy... & u can't see yourself living or enjoying life without them, because they have become your dream... that is who u marry. It's an amazing thing, but no where near impossible. ;)

Marriage is hard given the best of circumstances. You have every right to be wary.

That is ironic actually since I feel that my parents decision to stay in a horrendous marriage situation caused me to have the exact same feelings about the subject.