I am scared of marriage, I almost hate it.

It is because I do not want to form a scattered family, they are not even a family, they hate each other, I do not want to bring such thing into existence, I do not want to build a miserable home, a depressing one, a home where good feelings are forbidden.

I do not want a home where doors are slammed and people are screaming.

I do not want to commit myself to such a messed up marriage, have kids and once I have them, there will not be an easy solution and they will be wronged regardless of the solution and I will be the reason for all of this. No I do not want that.
MissGaga MissGaga
26-30, F
1 Response Aug 22, 2014

I agree. That`s why I feel who I marry is important. I want someone who understand that breaking the cycle in my family and having a loving, nurturing home for all, is a must. I am so tired of people trying to hurry me into marriage. Interesting to note, my parents aren`t hurrying me...THEY GET IT!

I agree, exactly, it is a must, any other kind of life where two people do not love each other yet are living together is going to suck forever. I won't allow anyone to hurry me into marrying someone I don't love. Interestingly, I am doing well in the part of my life which I am in control of such as my study and career, I need to take control over all my life and I won't allow a single person to mess up my life for me.