In Our Attic

I used to love going into the attic because it was dark and snaked along the walls like a secret passage. But one time, mice got into the attic, and we could tell by the carpet along the attic door that they chewed up. Dad put some mousetraps in there, and said later that he got them, but I never heard or saw the traps. From that point on I was and still am scared to go into the attic, for fear that the mice were still up there somewhere.

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3 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Grasshoppers love to jump on my face when I'm outdoors and it REALLY hurts lol it makes me kinda scared when I'm outside

Mice are awful creatures if only because they are a devil to catch. Even when you put peanut butter on the trap ( which they can't resist), sometimes somehow they find a way to alude even the lightest set trap. <br />
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Cherrie~ Agree.... **** roaches are just icky, and Grasshoppers are my least favorite critter. Vile evil disgusting things that have no place on this planet!

I would feel exactly the same if it's a cockroach !<br />
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