From The Mirror

I have feared darkened mirrors for as long as I can remember.

Ever since I could remember I felt something from darkened mirrors. It followed me throughout life, from house to house, year to year. When it's bright, I felt nothing wrong. Sure, I disliked hanging around mirrors more than I had to, but that was only out of general dislike of mirrors and not an actual fear. I feel perfectly comfortable spending time in front of a mirror, doing my makeup or checking out what I'm wearing. 

But when it's dark my feelings towards mirrors change completely. I become anxious, unsure, and I feel like I'm in terrible danger. Every nerve is on fire with a deep feeling of unease and I can't look at the mirror. I just can't. If I have a source of light with me I can glance at the mirror - because the light keeps whatever it is away from me... But  as the light grows dimmer, it can get closer and if I look for too long, it'll take it as a challenge and destroy the safety that the light gives me.

I have lived with this fear all of my life and have never found a way around it. 

One of the things that unsettle me the most.... Is the dangerous spirit I see following me through the mirrors, waiting for it's chance to come through the natural portal mirrors make? Or is it already outside, right there with me, inside of me even? 
Xirena Xirena
18-21, F
3 Responses Oct 19, 2011

I have the same fear! I can stand it in the day! You know, doing my hair, brushing my teeth, makeup! When the light goes off tho...I can't be within 15 feet from the mirror! I can't look at it or even talk! If i wake up at 3 in the morning, I RUN out of my room to my family room! I stay there until the sun is up!

This completely explians me, my, fear and the things i see in the mirrors. I can't bare looking into a mirror at night! I have the same feeling as you just explained. Not nice at all. I'm so glad we all have people to relate to though. Thats always a settling thought...

You are not alone. There is something very unsettling about mirrors in the dark. I thought I was the only one who felt this.<br />
<br />
Sometimes I think I am too old for irrational fears. But I can't get past that mirror in the dark. I just can't.

It's a fear that a lot of people have.
I don't think it's irrational though. Even before movies preyed on our fear of mirrors, there were still people who was afraid of them - especially in the dark.

I think that it's not so much the mirror as the darkness around us. The mirror allows us to see ourselves and it shows us what is around us - things we don't always see by looking directly at it with our own eyes.

The key to conquering that fear is to strengthen the light that shines from inside you. The stronger your own spirit and your own spiritual light, the less power those entities who seek to frighten you have. Trust in whatever higher power sings true to your soul and see within yourself all the power and brilliance and beauty of creation.

Read an interesting article about how the mind forces patterns in the chaos it sees. Don't remember where I read it, but it was fascinating. Helped allay my fears on this front.