My Own Reflection

Im not sure if im afraid or not...
But once during a period when i was fixated with spirits and stuff i went in to the toilet at night and i started to watch myself in the mirror without blinking.
After a while i saw my form start to get like bigger... like more muscular and my face to become like bald and angered.

I got scared and went to bed , my mom was in the room and as soon as i got in the bed he mumbled something in the dreams bout the mirror and that i had to watch out cause it was going to brake.

The day later at night the mirror felt down and broke itself.

Now im not sure ... but i know something ... i dont like to watch myself in the mirror ... i know whats inside my head... and it scares me , i cant hide from myself not in the mirror.
NadalAdal NadalAdal
26-30, M
May 22, 2012