Ever since i was a little boy mirrors have given mw cause for concern. I cannot look in a mirror from any angle in the dark and in the light i still run when my back is turned to them. I do not know what im afraid of but just sitting here typing this is giving me a panic attack. Do you know those dreams you get that scare you and you try to scream but nothing comes out? I get that in real life. My family has found me cowering in the shower unable to talk and later when ive calmed down i was unable to tell them why the mirror scares me. As a child my parents shielded me from the scary movies and stories revolving around mirror s and in adulthood i still dont watch them. This fear is seated deeo within my very being and it has caused problems in relationships. Any advice to help me get past this?
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hmm why dont you give this a try stand in front of a mirror and make goofy faces or tell your self jokes i knew sombody that was going through the same thing so she followed the same advice i am giving to you and it worked

I tried that once. I got ****** right in the *****. I never had a ***** before. 0/10 do not try