There are a lot of stories of people with "temporary hysteria" in our school that I don't know what to think. It usually started with a reflection in the mirror or glass pane in the dark. The minute she saw something in the reflection my friend became possessed right there in front of me. her voice become totally different, like a deep voice which usualy wasn't like her. then she started talking nonsense in her deep weird voice. Some girls who were under that condition even started singing. which is weird because we always try to be strictly polite during the night. You get the gist.. But the guys were never disturbed. I guess we girls are weaker when it comes to living in places like these. If you've been to my high school than you know what I mean. At least we're heaps better infrastructure wise than the schools in rural Africa. But it sure is hot and dusty, or in rainy seasons, wet and clammy. back to my friend, alhamdulillah became better after seeing ustazah. I slept soundly but most of my friends read yaasin for what was left of that night. I'm such a good person.. hehehehh

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Some people believe that some mirrors or even places like closets or cupboards can be portals to... Well, we don't know do we! I don't believe girls are weaker as such, maybe whoever or whatever just prefers to mess with females. I have heard of spirits preferring certain genders/orientations/ages/etc.

I do believe in spirits, not of the dead.. but of Jinn and Satan (sometimes they would show themselves but most of the time they don't) but not really sure about possessed.. I think its just hysteria.. this overwhelming fear made you weak and your brain switched to defense mode.. I don't know.. but it's freaky sort of thing..<br />
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so I think I'll just let the folk lore be.. We live in this kind of place.. we're bound to find something unexplainable.. Frankly, I fear snakes or creepy crawlies than lets say spirits..

I don't think I've heard of anyone being posessed over a reflection from a mirror. Sounds to me that some are allowing to let it get to them. I've scared myself a couple of times by passing a mirror in the dark, thinking there were some one there. I'm not saying that what you saw wasn't real, I'm just tring to wrap my brain around this one. You appear to be quite intellegent and open minded, what do you think it is? You got my attention and I'm interested in knowing more about this