He Beats Me During Sex

ok. We had recently broken up. He "caught" me over a male friends home and went ballistic. I was afraid to go home (he had moved into my home) so I stayed at my male friends home for a few hours after the big blowup he caused. I was so afraid I had my friend and a friend of his follow me home to make sure I was safe and to see if my boyfriend was still there. He wasnt. He had packed all his belongings and left.

We were calling on the cell phones and texting. Me trying to explain. Him furious. About a week later I thought that things had calmed down and I allowed him over. I should have known. He immediately made me get to my knees and give him oral. He called me horrible names in the process. Talked to me like I was the filthies ***** in the world. Then he ordered me to the bed. Me, not thinking anything of it, got in the bed. Sex started of normal except the look in his eye. Just cold. Then he asked if I used a condom when I ****** the other guy. I tried to brush it off but my insides began to rumble. I knew I was in trouble. We were in the missionary position and out of nowhere came the first slap. He kept screwing me. Then another couple of slaps. More screwing. Then there was punching in the jaw, head, ribs, stomach. Hair pulling and biting. He sucked and kissed my neck and then began biting me so hard. The beating and screwing went on so long and I was so weak. I begged him to stop hitting me. I told him I loved only him and that he was hurting me. He didnt stop. He threw me off the bed into a corner by a windowsill. I remember him hitting me in the head so hard my head would bump the windowsill...and then blood began running down my neck, shoulders my back and my breast. He didnt stop beating me. He stomped my in the chest so hard I almost blacked out. He spits in my mouth and on my face during sex. He will beat me like crazy and then tell me to get naked and spread my hooha. Then he will just stare. He sees my tears and pain and *********** to it. Why does he always want to screw me after he beats on me.

How can he treat me so bad. I love this man and he is so mean. He has literally told me that he is going to break my spirit. Exact wording. He says I dont "serve" him right.

I am lost and afraid because he makes it impossible to leave or get away. When I tell him I want to be single he says we are together for life and that he will kill me if he sees me with another man.

He calls me ******* and ****** in public. He brags to his friends how he beats me. He thinks this is how men and women relationships are supposed to be and that I am going to learn to submit to him one way or another.
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I really hope you are not still with this guy, because he is probably going to really hurt you one day.
I'm with a guy who is majorly into S&M (which I knew before we became serious), and he can't get off if I'm not tied up or something. That is a kink. However, if I start hurting too bad or just decide I am over it, that's the end of it. He might be cranky for a few minutes, but at the end of the day he still loves me and respects me enough to let it go. If I say "no, I'm done" then it's over.
That is not remotely the case with this guy. He is not indulging in a kink, he is using the guise of "rough sex" to beat the crap out of you. And if he's bragging about it to his friends, he certainly doesn't realize that his opinions of how to treat women are outdated and dangerous. If you own the house, it is time to change the locks and call a lawyer about a restraining order. I know this is a really old question, but I felt compelled to respond just in case.

Woooow sounds just like my husband

This is all to familiar to me. It's not as severe as what you're going thru but its definitely not wanted. Mine goes from slapping to making me kiss him softly. In fact he will spend all night hitting me a couple times then acting normal in bed then more hitting. Afterwards he acts like everything is fine. He sends me texts thru the day joking about the hitting. He insists I like it. I've told him multiple times I don't. He doesn't care because he likes it. I'm so lonely in this. I wish he would just die. I'm scared to leave. He makes jokes about if he murdered me it would be brutal. This is a nightmare.