Dont Wanna Go Thru It Again

I am scared of my loved ones dying especially my grandma.  She's the one that keeps the family together.  And out of all of the people close to me including my father and my mother, I think she is the only one to love me unconditionally and SHOW IT.  My mother doesn't know how to show people she loves them.  All she does is put us down.
I have already lost my older half brother and my older half sister.  It was an unbelieveable time.  My sister died 2/17/2002 and everyone was so sad, so shocked.  She O'Ded on drugs...I dont know the whole story b/c everything has to be so "hush hush" in this family.  She left one daughter, my niece.
My brother died 10/30/2005.  He was involved in a head on car crash.  He was not buckled up and the impact threw him 20 feet.  A family consisting of a mother, father, and baby were in the other car.  The mother and father also died.
It was hard.  When my brother died it was like Groundhog's Day.  It was unbelieveable.  How could it happen to us again?  I dont know...
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1 Response Jun 26, 2007

im sorry to hear about your loved ones passing away...How are you doing lately???