My Husband

My husband is in the army as you can probably guess by my name. Right now he is out in Afghanistan and I am so scared. I try not to think about it, try not to think that the next news story could be HIS death. It's so hard because nearly every single day theres a story about soldiers dying out there. I try to tell myself, it won't be my husband, nothing will happen to him........but the fact is that it could very well be him.
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5 Responses Sep 23, 2007

He's home with me now - thank you though :)

Dont worry.He'll come back home safe.<br />
my best wishes with u..

My father always said that life can ultimately be controlled with one's own mind, that we must merely believe it (whatever it is you want to happen) and this will cause it to happen ... In many ways he was right when you begin to think about positive thoughts = positive outcomes and vice versa ... <br />
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I am 'willing' your husband home safely.<br />
<br />

Thank you *hugs back*

let's just hope and pray together that it won't be him :))) hugs