Terrified Of My Neighbor

My neighbors above me are horrible. They fight often with screams, shouts, stomping, and it is unbelievable the many times they do this. I have called the cops twice because of hearing the screams of "she got a knife" and " I will kill you". They know we called the cops and they have 0 respect at all. They still fight like crazy and bang on my door because my 11 year old ran into one of them and told them to please stop. They banged and shouted threats through the door. I feel like I am in a war zone and I am terrified constantly of hearing them fight and wondering what they will do to us :(
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3 Responses May 14, 2012

I wonder if a domestic violence group could help you with maybe helping find a cheap or gratis moving company and possibly other related expenses that are involved with a move. I am very sorry you are going through this. I am in a similar situation and also live in a duplex. I did call the police and things are better. One other thing, can you get a camera installed above your front door? When someone knows they are being watched, it can be very thing that gets them to cool down.

I'm in a similar situation. Only my kids are 6 and 8. This woman and her man have never threatened me, but only because I never voice my complaints. We are in a duplex, so even if I do call the cops and landlord, they will know its me. I can't afford to move, as I've only been here a few months and am barely making rent as it is. Her and her boyfriend fight all day and night, are drinking and on drugs. I could handle normal noise and occassional fighting, but its constant. If her boyfriend isn't home, she will start picking fights with people who walk down the street. Its insane.

For your safety, and that of your child-please consider moving