I Really Want To Be A Writer, But I Can't Help But Think It Won't Ever Happen.

Okay, so, I'm 15 years old. Still very young. Only a sophomore. But my brain is constantly thinking about when I'll be eighteen or twenty five or thirty one. It's scary to think about because, who really is going to give me a job? I'm terribly anxious, I don't have good short term memory, and I hardly know anything about finances... .... And on top of all of this, I do have Trichotillomania, a hair-pulling disorder (look it up). And that too makes me feel like when I am twenty five, I'll be single, with a half written - two hundred page novel on my flash drive, a dinky apartment and a head that used to be full of hair.

I worry constantly, and I can't seem to stop. It's lead me to cutting, planning my own death, becomming distant from my family and friends, drops in grades... and its just like, WTF!?

I don't want to be thirty one, alone, and wearing a wig. UGHHH!
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If you want to be a writer, think about the best courses on your region that offer you just the solution you need. You just have to look up on dedicated sites of the matter. Don't worry so much from the future, you still have time to think about it and make any changes you feel to be the best.<br />
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I am in that situation too, and the trick is NOT to lose faith in yourself, but gather the best in you and fight for your own dreams. Keep strong. Any more problems, just keep posting.

thats not good! just try to have a little more faith in yourself. Im sure you will do great. <br />
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Im worried about when i leave school too and i dont know what i will do.