I Wrote Down My Thoughts On A Piece Of Paper

and I read what I read what I wrote. And whoa. It's scary. I wrote down the sentence 'I want to be skinny' 10 times and 'I am fat' 7 times. 'help me' 4 times 'I'm ugly' 3 times 'I'm useless' 5 times 'I hate myself' 13 times 'I'm hungry' 1 time 'I'm tired' 2 times 'I hate food' 17 times 'what is wrong with me' 2 times. And everything was all mixed up so I guess I really do think about this stuff a lot. It's scary. But now I know what I need to work on!
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Losing more weight

great! :]<br />
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What do yo need to work on?