Im Really Messed Up... Bad..

even on really good days i can ruin it all with one thought.. some examples: the rapture, end of the world, murder, suicide, needles, things that make me cringe (like taking the metal end of a pencil and scraping my nails off :s ), satan, demons, being hung upsidedown and disemboweled, dying in fire, drowning, the future of my life, ect. ect.... i have messed up dreams too like in one time i dreamed everyone was going to heaven or hell THAT DAY and everyone had little symbols on them sorta like in the holocaust and i met my favorite rapper (tyler the creator) and he was gonna go to hell and he was chasing me. (lol) and in another i had needles in my eyes. and another i was being chaced by a man with a lighter... there was many MANY more horrifying ones and i would like to remember what they were its like they were like trying to say something but they all happened and after i woke up its like i just forgot them.. those kind of dreams.. i wish i knew :( btw im abt to turn 13
kittybonkers kittybonkers
16-17, F
1 Response Aug 31, 2013

hey kitty don't spend your time worrying about everything just try to ijoy the life you have