Why do I sense cold winds blowing , the silence is threatening to wipe off everything why am I not feeling strong enough ,why can’t I believe whatever it be the fight will not end up in loss.why am I not feeling confidence enough why are my feelings drowning in waves of eternal loss.
Spreading my hand why can’t I sense my ultimate want, my healing touch .
I know sometimes fighting is needed when you’re up against a glove-less opponent
But How long is long enough for me to wonder, How far is far enough to see which way I am heading ..am I heading what my mind fears or is it amongst all odds my heart’s belief is heading to point of finish with a winning effort.
How strong is strong enough to hold myself and you.
I sustain my life drinking the passion of your mind, your vision is my guide.

I want you to lead me to my final call ..am I right in trusting to break away from all pains ,free myself from negative chains and march forward no matter when everything is forced to the edge..will my effort be honored with love and respect..as because its true as truth can be that am still standing upright and holding my belief for the love that’s unique though my backbones have been hit ..
Its my love that gives me the spirit but when attimes when i sense absolute silence grasping , now I don’t feel lost anymore but a chill piercing pain runs through my veins and all I do is just let a drop of tear fall from one eye of mine hoping and wishing upon a star the other drop comes out from yours so that I can feel complete within.

winterfall winterfall
Jan 11, 2014