I Am Dark...

I have a pretty dark personality..I like heavy scary strange music, I tend to see creepy things that aren't there, sometimes I scare myself...my dreams can be horrid, I tend to die or almost die in my dreams, I want to correct them because I can still see my dream in my head, I like to be different so that might add to the strange. I have almost no love for my family...I know that sounds obscene, but my dad left when I was very little and tries to get to know me now, at the awkward age I'm at. He had a very bad drinking problem and I can"t stand to be around him. He also has major anger issues...so I never get upset in school...and home I treat my mom like crap. I'm not going to lie, I feel bad about it too, I don't even mean to anymore, I can't let my anger out anywhere else but on her. I feel like she BARELY listens, she is the only one the will, even if its just a little bit, so, please help me out!            -Peace

CrazyMusicOnlyEmotion CrazyMusicOnlyEmotion
13-15, F
Dec 29, 2009