They Sneek Up On You

Sometimes i don't want to think at all, just want to be blank, be void, be invsible.  i want to close my eyes and see nothing.

but my thoughts won't let me.  it's gotta be about something i  heard, or something i smelled, or some stupid thing i did.

then i realize i have to direct my thoughts the way i want them to go.  things pop in my head sometimes that are positive,

like, i write poetry, and maybe a line or two will just come to me, you know?  then i add to or take away from that.  i may

keep it all or trash it all.  i like playing the guitar.  but that's a different  thought altogether.  right now i tihink that i have

thought about this matter all i care to.

13mikael 13mikael
56-60, M
1 Response Apr 8, 2010

Lol... I think we should all fear our thoughts from time to time.