Afraid Of Disappointment

Well, this is my first story so bear with me here! I'm 15 years old and i've never been kissed, or even asked out. Boys don't notice me at all, and the only boys I talk to are through my friends. I know I'm not what guys would consider "pretty", but it hurts to realize that maybe i'm not even just plain, maybe i'm just plain ugly! I don't really have a lot of confidence, so I guess that shows in my demeanor. I'm not like those girls in movies who are confident, beautifulm witty. The girls who always get the guy. I'm the weird friend. I'm scared that i'm always going to be the, "friend". I think that i'm un-lovable, and that i'll never find my prince charming. Or rather, prince charming wouldn't see me as a princess. When I think about the future, I worry that I won't fall in love, and I want that more then anything. I have a best friend who is honestly, "in love" and she's the happiest she's ever been. Whenever she see's him her entire face lights up. I want that! I want to feel wanted. But what if i'm that bad? What if I never find love? Scratch that, what if love never finds me?

p.s. sorry if this story felt kind of "teenage girl low self esteem petty problems"y haha. I just saw this group and it got me thinking...
Comments appreciated!:)
xxsmswacxx xxsmswacxx
Jul 10, 2010