Is It Irrational?

I know everyone finds their one true love, but what if I never find mine? What if I never find the man who can love me and want to spend his life with me? :( What if?
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don't worry. its not irrational but it will happen. its a fear i had before i found my love

Ah...the fear of being alone's a true know you'll never be alone...not really. there are ppl that love you, there always will be...but as for the type of love you're talking about...I'm not sure that anyone has ever not found who they were looking for eventually....unless you're my mother (and I see clearly, you're not) who is too damn picky as far as her choice in men goes...she doesn't understand that love is blind and instead shoots for bigger and better...and I mean...don't take that as anything more than it is...she's just picky...I think that in the end...the really picky ones are the ones that are love comes to you...accept it...don't try to push it away...and that by no means means that you have to lower your standards...just be open to love and its possibilities.

Wait.. hold on a second. You've been in my mailbox telling me that I will fall in love and lose myself mindlessly to it, and that I shoulden't feel like I deserve to be alone, or I am just going to be alone, that I have to stand up for myself, and that someone out there does love me, and I don't know it.

Thought you'd get comfy saying the same things about yourself, eh? Well, I am not going to have it! *Hug* You are simply too compassionate and beautiful a person to be "destined to be alone"

If you never fall madly in love, I mourn for the world, for they will not have seen such beauty that could only be described by the torrent of passion you would unleash on who you loved... seeing how compassionate you are to a total stranger.

So... no moping around for you, i won't have it! I see another mope, and I am so going to squirt you with a super-soaker.

Hi, I am still single my age.I know that I'll always have my family and friends to be there which I am grateful, but I don't know if I'll ever have a soulmate to love passionately. Time will tell, You never know.

yeah, especially when you're as permanently single as I am (and I'm not just whining, I literally have been single my whole life)

Princess, yeah I do think it's something everybody wonders about.

that's such a sad and scary never be loved. I hate to admit it, but I've wondered that at times too...