It's Basic Survival

"All we really need to survive, is one person who truly loves us". This quote was said by Penny from Lost. I don't know if she was quoting it from something else but it only seems out of all 6 seasons that is one of 2 quotes that have completely stuck with me in my life (the other being "we always have a choice").

But the quote is exactly right. Love is the one thing that makes all this worth while, it's the one thing that will always put a smile on your face, it's a natural force that grounds you completely and wholly. It's the one thing in this entire world that actually makes sense and will never change. I love, love!

and me, like a lot of people, am afraid of ever feeling it, and afraid of ever receiving it. I am scared i will never be truly loved. I'm afraid of what that will do to me, if i don't. It's scary.

I pray i find that one person who will fill the whole that gapes in my chest.
SammyCymru SammyCymru
22-25, F
Jan 24, 2011