I Am So Damn Stupid! I So Hate Myself!!!!

my friend arranged a date for me a couple of days ago, i have clearly mentioned to her that i am not really looking for fun, and if i am to go for a date, i would want a decent guy, one who's looking for a real relationship, and not just for fun.

and so, last Thursday, i went on a date with this stranger. He's polish/german, same age as mine, kinda cute and cool, and decent, very gentleman, and i think honest enough to tell me that he is living in with his gf for 6 months, the girl just broke up with him a couple of days ago and that night, the girl was actually moving out from his apartment.

it really seemed he liked me, he wouldn't prolly wanna spend more time with me i guess and wouldn't be interested to know what i am looking for in a guy, and what my expectations are, if he doesn't. we enjoyed talking, laughing and telling stories about ourselves.
It was very cold that night, and he didn't bring his jacket so we decided to go somewhere warm and more private. So we got ourselves a room in a nice hotel and continue talking and drinking.

Unfortunately, we went out of control, and i let him kissed me, until we went further and something happened to us. I told him it isn't right, and yet we still let it happened. We cuddled, and kiss the whole night, and then the next morning when he's dropping me off to my home, he told me that the girl has texted him that the girl is not moving. he told me tho that he will deal with it and and he will call me the next day.

Until now he hasn't called me yet... They probably have gotten back together by now.
I felt bad about it, and i feel so stupid why i let it happened. I feel that he might have used me as his revenge to his girl... should i call him?? or text him? or i just let it pass and just forget about it?? I so hate myself!!!
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Hey hey -- this is prolly coming VERY late but worth the shot.

DON'T call him - I dunno what you sister friends over here suggested but Hello no!

look you are a person who has a strong will power and confidence - heck you you ring two kids up on your own.

The least you could do is admit that you messed up and like you said - YOU let it happen.

Now the guy was a b****** who took advantage of your vulnerability.

There isn't going to be any use calling him OR texting him (i know you can have your say) -- but it will be the office joke championing his prowess...

Let it go and know there are other wonderful men out there - keep watch and chip up


I had the EXACT same thing happen to me last year! So don't hate yourself for it, because your not alone. It happens to a lot of girls because some guys just have a way of making us loose control of ourselves. I would text him first (if you already haven't) and if he doesn't answer, I would call and get it over with. Im really sorry this happened to you. And you can message me if you want some help (:

u seem cute.. lol. dont text or call. if he really wants u then he will... love is the best medicine..<br />
curvylover i love ur point.. its very awesome..

Don't feel bad about it. You should pissed as hell at HIM! Don't even think about calling/texting him, and if he does, then tell him to stay out of your life. As the cliche goes, "There are plenty of fish in the sea" and there will be one who doesn't let you down like he did. If he treated you like that, he's not good enough.

Don't contact him - and hard as it may seem, put it down to experience and DON'T fall for the same sob story from another guy.........and I speak as another guy! His sort give us all a bad name

don't hate yourself and don't beat yourself up either. we all have succumbed in weak moments. as for calling/texting him, i suppose it couldn't hurt to try but i don't know how much i would expect from him with a gf/ex gf lurking in the background.

i will see if i will have the courage to text him, i also think there's nothing wrong with it, but somehow hesitant. thanks for the advice.

i will see if i will have the courage to text him, i also think there's nothing wrong with it, but somehow hesitant. thanks for the advice.