So Unloveable

After my 21 year marriage dissolved I knew I wasn't ready for an emotional relationship. I've been dragged into two...unwillingly. And been crushed by both men.

I am convinced that I am unloveable and will be forever alone.

First guy pushed me and pushed me for a relationship. Convinced me we were meant to be together. And we were really compatible. Great conversation. Similar values. Common interests. Then after 8 months he just disappeared.

Second guy is just a constant in my life. Says he loves me. Wants me. Needs me. But isn't comfortable with other people knowing about us because of our age difference. He spends holidays with my family. We see each other weekly (because we don't live close) and talk daily. But I am his dirty secret. I sent him an iFunny that said, "When I like someone they either live far away, don't want me, don't notice me, etc, etc". Just thought it was fitting for our situation. He texted me back and broke up with me. After a year and a half.

And he hasn't responded to a single message. All I got from him was , "Find someone else"

I guess it proves how unimportant and expendable I am. To everyone.
sassyg1rl sassyg1rl
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1 Response May 24, 2012

sound like number 2 is useing you<br />
<br />
but i know the feeling i lost the ones i loved to death early in life