To Mr Man..

You are the sun in my rain
The center of my pain
You make me happy like in adverts
And desolate as the deserts

Being with you is like
Riding on a rollercoaster
At times I want to get off
But mostly I want to hang on

I can only hope that
One day, some day
You will love me
As much as I love you

My fear is that you may never be able to..

I know that you try
I know that you care
But I feel so alone
So very alone

In this thing we have called a relationship..
Sephira7 Sephira7
26-30, F
1 Response Jun 4, 2012

There have been many times when I've doubted my own wish to "hang on" to what I felt for someone. Most of those times (almost all of them to be honest) were just my own vain longings. But I have come to realize that they are a part of me and give me something. It's hard to explain. I think there is a reliable quality to it. Loneliness is something you can always count on. It's always there for you, waiting. <br />
<br />
Accepting myself means accepting those fantasies and letting myself hope. Somehow I know that I have something to learn from it and somehow that will serve the world.<br />
<br />
I just think that you should never be afraid to love somebody. Even if that person doesn't feel the same way. Actually no two people ever feel exactly the same thing anyway. And rollercoasters just wouldn't be any fun if there weren't the downs as well as the ups.

That's so true. Thankyou for those words, it really helped me at this point in time.