I'm Afriad of Never Being Truly Loved

Sure I love attention, I love being noticed, but for some reason I have a feeling that I will never trully be understod and loved, therefore never truly being happy.  Sometimes I feel it's because I'm not your stereotypical pretty. I'm unusual looking and people have a hard time telling what race I am.

Other times I feel like maybe there is something wrong with my personality and I don't put myself out there enough to be loved. I feel like I'll never be truly in a romantic relationship.

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4 Responses Jun 5, 2007

I hear your concern. I was married for 23 years to whom I thought was the love off my life, now I question if I ever was really in love with her. She has left me with two kids and walked out the door.I have tried dating but I dont no how to be natural with anyone, I feel ashamed off my past and I dont know if I will ever be able to love.Most times I feel like I am not good enough to ask a woman on a date, afraid off being turned down I guess. I am a very confussed person and lonely all the time and dont no where I should turn or do about it. Its been over a year now and I am not sure where my life is headed if anywhere. Confussed

If you have been taking care of the kids and having an income,i mean being responsible...no reason to feel not good enough for women. Maybe the key is don't give up on yourself.

Look for those people who see what is beyond the package itself, those that see into your truer inner self for appreciation, then you may connect with them on these levels that will dismiss some of these worries you seem to be commenting on.

Well, there are many things in life that are not certain... but there are a few things! One of those things is that how you look will never stop you from being loved. Seriously, really good looking people are more likely to run into problems with being loved in a way that's not superficial. Also, I think you should give yourself a bit more time before you start to worry about *never* having a romantic relationship. It's a bit early to call, you know. Maybe when you're EIGHTY, then think that your chances might be a bit less than you'd hoped (but even then, it's never too late) ;)