Loveless In California

I have never really felt loved by anyone. i have been married 3 times and never really felt loved in any of the marriages.


I havent ever really been able to love anyone either. The closest I have been, was my last wife. I dont really know if it was love or neediness on my part.


i really dont want to die without knowing love in my life.

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7 Responses Dec 23, 2008

i loved,but was never loved back..<br />
It hurt more than never knowing love..<br />
i hope that one day you can find happiness,without feeling the need to love.<br />
love only brings pain..<br />
I now can never feel for another person.but atleast you can feel for them..maybe thats a for of love.

be happy (: *kiss.

I like your words of wisdom. I will adjust my expectations. I have been exposed to the idea of not having expectations at all but forget it most of the time. (:>

Not everybody's idea of "love" is the same, and that is ok and natural. <br />
<br />
If one can find someone with whom he can share mutual respect, and can enjoy being with, sometime this can beat the "in love" feelings. Maybe if you adjust your expectations, you can find AND GIVE happiness.<br />
(there is a reason the AND GIVE is capitalized) Smile.

degletenoor, You are the first person to affirm my thinking and feeling. I had read somewhere if, as a child, we werent nutured we could never acquire it later in life so I have lived acting as if. Anyway thank you so much.

I love you... *hugs*

this is so sad, one of the problems is people cant love comptletly, only God can.. i used to search in people for love, for so long until i felt God's Holy spirit, im not telling you this to preach to you please dont take it like that.. im only hopeing you can experience His love! it was the best feeling that ive ever felt, i felt a completness that filled my soul in a way i wasnt aware of before..or at least didnt remember... His love was so powerful it knocked me to the ground and all i could do is cry and thank Him.. I pray with all my heart you can feel this, and you can if you ask Him with all your heart and soul with no doubt.. true love does exist.. I know because i felt it from the only one who can give it and that is God. take care and God bless my friend.