Never Important To A Significant Other

I admit I've only had a handful of serious relationships with men, but of the ones I've had, I can honestly say I've never experienced the feeling to knowing, beyond doubt, that I'm important to my partner. I've never met a man (or anyone for that matter) who I felt was genuinely interested in what I have to say or how I feel about anything. Even academic things, which I would love to discuss, but have never had anyone aside from my daughter to discuss them with. But it's really the men; men are the issue. For many years I thought it was me, that I was just unusual. I don't care about stuff like movies or parties or top forty music or fashion or sports or careers. I just want to feel accepted for who I am. It's too late now, I'm too old and have been married too long to think anything will ever change, but it would be nice if, before I die, I could feel beyond doubt that I'm loved and accepted by my partner.
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 23, 2013