Y I Dnt Open Up 2 Alot Ov Ppl

i dont open up to alot of people because when i opened up to one of my teachers in mainstream before i left she told other pupils about my problems and also used to tell people that i attempted suicide~ she didnt understand why i didnt want anybody knowing and i thought that what she was telling people was part of the confidentiality.  then when i went to a support school when i was in year 10 i told the head teacher thatt i had drank bleach as she kept going on at me until i had told her and she just started saying that i was a lire when infact i was telling the truth as i dont lie. 




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5 Responses Feb 27, 2009

wow those people are horrid....i dont blame you. i am the same but i think for different reasons.

I'm like that with my family. And everyone else. I have problems with memory so I don't remember anything from 2nd grade and before and I have problems with remembering elementary and early middle school but I think something might have happened, more than once b/c it takes a lot for one person to lose their trust with me, for me to not tell anyone anything. I sometimes really wish I could tell people stuff but I just can't. You are a very strong person just so you know. I admire your will to still live a lot. I can't imagine how lost you are. Wish I could help!!

I cant imagine how tough it may be. But What do you wish your friends and family knew? I personally have never been close to someone who suffers from PTSD so I wouldnt know how to be there for someone unless I was told how.

What do you mean everything atm? What are you getting treatment for if i may ask? Talk to me =D

First of all, I commend you for staying alive although people broke your trust when you were vulnerable. Its hard to trust people now adays but not because they are out to get you, its more because people just dont know how to deal with eachother. Teachers dont know how to take it when a student tells them they attempted suicide, so they do whatever they think is right which may wind up hurting you more. Gotta love sites like the expierienceproject where you can have a support group....since I have no idea who you are and probably never will, why dont you tell me why you are so upset.....