It Makes Me Feel Sick

i recently got married, and my husband and i are planning to have kids in a few years time, but recently istarted having nightmares about being pregnant. The thought of something being alive inside me totally grosses me out.
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5 Responses Nov 1, 2006

Thanks, I've actually had my first baby now (hooray!!!!) He is beautiful and totally worth it, but I have to admit, I did feel really sick whenever he kicked. <br />
I don't think this makes me a bad mother, or means I shouldn't have kids. <br />
I didn't particularly enjoy being pregnant, but I love my son to bits, and 10 months is definately not going to stop me enjoying the rest of our lives together.

I'm sorry that you feel that way....but maybe once you are actually pregnant (if you decide to do so) you will realize what a miracle it is and the great feeling of knowing that you are bringing something of your own into this world. I wouldn't say its a sickening experience in the least. It is wonderful.

It's deffinately not sickening. I mean your creating a life and if that makes you sick then maybe you shouldn't have kids.

you'd think so, but i have been a nanny for several years, and have lived/work with babies from new born up to age nine. I can do all the rest of it. <br />
Just the thought of something being inside me makes me feel sick.

I don't mean this harshly, but if you can't handle the thought of pregnancy then you are not mature enough to handle having them. This is only the beginning of " grossness" where children are concerned. There's the delivery, morning sickness, and wait until the 2 yr. old has a booger on his finger that he holds in your face for you to remove.