Gives Me the Creeps


My husband and i would love to have a family and have been discussing it for last 2 years but i cannot get by my fear of actually being pregnant. Like you i dont like the thought of something being inside me.

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6 Responses Nov 14, 2006

I totally understand. I've felt this way since childhood. Pregnancy always seemed like something from the movie 'Alien' - a being growing inside you and sucking away your blood and nutrients. I know, I know...stupid and irrational. But so are most phobias, right ? I LOVE kids however, so it's just the process of pregnancy I find weird. Through no fault of my own I cannot get pregnant, so I kinda lucked out on that one...haha

100% with you on this one. No matter what anyone says, I can't get over my feelings about pregnancy. My husband and I are going to adopt to build our family. We would still like to go through the experience of having a baby, but I just can't get over my feelings about pregnancy. It freaks me out, and all of the "it's not as bad as it seems," "it's all worth it," "women have been doing it forever" and "many women are willing to go through it again and again" comments are not reassuring at all. We just have to make our own personal decisions about it: either being pregnant means that much to us and we suck it up, or we decide it's not worth it and opt for adoption. <br />
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In either case, we are still becoming parents and building our families :-D

I am currently pregnant with my first and while I have had one hell of an emotional and physical rollercoaster(i.e it sucks most of the time) its not something that is anywhere near as scary as I thought it would be. Its just really weird.

I had miserable pregnancies and deliveries but the feeling of my babies growing inside was amazing, the first kick...tracing their little feet when they stick them is an awesome experience and not something anyone can really explain...just something you need to experience to understand....but then gain it's not for everyone and remember it's only for 9 a childless marriage what you both want, if not then you need to talk to someone or your marriage may not last either!!

I know it sounds creepy, but you don't feel anything at first and the feelings grow on you slowly. Beyond the early discomforts, it's even worth all the pain of labor and delivery. Can't explain it, but I think you'll love it, even the pregnancy I hope. Good luck!

I've haven't been through it YET, but I can say that I believe it is fully worth it. There are worse things in life.