Me Too!

...yeah it has always pretty much freaked me out too. i'm only 18 years old bt i have never really imagined myself as a mother; maybe it was b/c i was never around younger children (or even those of my own age) when i was little bt i never had an interest in baby dolls either. i just wanted to push the pram down the hill lol. as for pregnancy..that **** freaks me out so much! i mean firstly, i'm really squeamish & faint easily, and i've been told nothing can prepare you for the agony of childbirth..and just the thought of a baby coming out of such a small space is just terrifying to me! lol. personally, regardless of how many women manage to give birth i don;t think i could ever willingly do it. i'm even too scared to have sex in case i end up pregnant; i know it's rare bt i don't think i would survive the giving birth part- let alone the upbringing! hopefully the sex fear will subside as i get older *don't want it yet anyway* bt i highly doubt i will ever be a natural mother. if i ever am pregnant, epidurals all the way!!


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I have the same kind of fear too, even though i am really young! I don't think about these kinds of things (especially having a baby) through my own will, but rather, they only come into my mind because i have learned to expect the worst from my life- & getting pregnant would be one of the things i would hope never to happen!
I also hate the thought of basically having to share my body with someone else 24/7. It's like taking my own free will away from me, if you understand what i mean?
But then there's the fact that it can do a lot of things to your body, which i am not in the least bit comfortable with. It's not that i think, ''oh, you're pregnant? You're going to be ugly for the rest of your life after this!'' because it's not like that at all! It's taken me so long to love my body, & i seriously don't want it to change (because i do genuinely love it now)- & especially not through sharing it with someone who is going to give me unbearable pain, & then stress me out after they've done that for years to come!
And then there's this seemingly popular belief that if you're female you will want to have at least one child at some point. I cannot believe how stupid some people can be sometimes...
I'm glad to know i'm not the only one who gets seriously freaked out by this, though!
And don't worry about your fear of sex! Do things in your own time :)

I'm 18 and I'm married. I will be 19 in August and I'm going to have a baby. I'm 10 1/2 weeks. Pregnancy, child birth, the pain, none of it scares me because once you're pregnant your main concern is the health and wellbeing of your child.