Afraid of Lossing Another Child!!

a few years ago I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl I ever saw, yes it was the most painful experience of my life, the pain Wow!!! felt it back and front, but after I saw my little girl, it was priceless she was beautiful 5'13lbs long black hair, I never saw a newborn with so much hair let along that long! she had the cutest little bottom nose, big brown eyes, she also had the same birthmark on her right hand as I do, she was my little girl my angel at the time I had my baby, my oldest sister and sister in-law also had giving birth to their babies, also girls, they were three months older then my little girl, the thing was that all  the babies had gotten very sick, my little girl and theirs, they all ended up in the hospital all babies were in for almost 2'weeks, two of the babies made it out save and healthy, one was lost for ever which was my little baby girl, my precious angel, my only child, there is no describing the pain of losing a child and there is no getting over the loss till this day my heart is brokenthis is my reason for not wanting to become pregnant again, for the fear of losing another child......
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I know the connection that I already have with my "bean" as we call it & i cannot imagine loosing it now or later once I've given birth. I hope one day you could over come your lose.

Thanks for sharing such a tormenting expierence. I have been blessed with 2 healthy boys, 13 and 11, and I have ALWAYS feared them dying before me, I simply can't imagine the pain of your loss and there are no words i think that could even come close to describing the loss of your baby girl. Whether you are a believer or not, I would like to add you and your daughter to my prayers. If you ever have the emotional energy to return to this page, could you tell me her name? If not I totally understand. You will probably never get over the pain but i hope over time it might lessen for you, enough so that you might feel well enough to conceive again and if you do, and you are blessed again with a child I pray that the ending of life goes the way we all hope it does, that the parents die first, NEVER the child. My heart aches, gentle hugs

Your story is heartbreaking. I am so sorry for you and I hope that one day you will overcome the pain of this loss and try to have another child. Though I am only a child myself I just want to offer you my sympathy and hope that you move on (but not forget never forget the ones lost only accept their fate) and have a happy family in the future you owe yourself that much at least.

an epidural.......How can you ask her that after reading her tragic story?