I Can't Wrap My Head Around It

You know what? It's bad enough we got slimy, creepy and nasty organs inside of us doing whatever they do best to help us live and operate. But to have a live human being inside you? I just can't seem to get past that. This is a human being who not only has their own organs, but a heart beat, eyes, hands, feet, I mean eugh!

If I were to ever to get pregnant, which I doubt will be anytime soon or in the near future, I cannot imagine walking around just KNOWING what I am carrying.The fact that the baby will move, bump against your flesh or just knowing that your organs have been readjusted is terrifying. My mom said there were times she could not breathe becuase either I or my sister would move in certain places to where she had to move us.

I don't enjoy throwing up. I try to avoid sickness the best way possible. I can't imagine not being able to bear certain smells or food. I can't imagine having such powerful cravings that I almost lose my independence. I can't imagine feeling sick and weak all day, not to mention the scare of your body changing such as shrinking breast, larger hips and weight gained. Your body will never be the same.

The worst part about pregnancy is trying to squeeze a baby out of you who puts you in hard labor that can be up to 12 hours!! I have seen Teen Mom episodes where these girls are in a lot of pain and end up crying. Why would I want to go through that? I've spoken to a few women about it and they said it's pain that words can't describe. But they ALWAYS say it's WORTH it.

So how does a baby with it's head about the size of a basketball come out of a hole that is no bigger than a quarter? That's the part I dread more than anything. I may as well ask Freddy Kruger to just slice me up.

Another thing that bothers me is that as females, we are going through this alone. A man gets to plant his side and then He's free to go without being handicapped. Why couldn't God make men at least half pregnant? O_o They should throw up, get sick, and gain weight. I mean hey, They do share a child!!!

FashionQueen86 FashionQueen86
26-30, F
May 12, 2012