I'm Not Afraid of Getting Pregnant

I'm scared of having complications, of miscarrying and such. I want to have children at some point in my life I am just scared that something would go terribly wrong.
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4 Responses Apr 15, 2007

I know exactly where you're coming from. I'm only actually afraid of getting in trouble now but if i were older i'd be afraid of miscarraiges and other complications. People have died giving birth that scares me the most.

I know exactly how you're feeling! I am in the exact situation as you are. I mean I'm actually expecting but I am so afraid. SOOO many people keep trying to calm my nerves but it's hard with Chance gone so much. I am just afraid of something being horribly wrong with my child & being alone to care for it.

I was scared, too, but you know what? Actually having the baby was uneventful compared to the fatigue of pregnancy. Have an epidural. I had 10.5 hours of labor, followed by a c-section, and I had no pain. It's not as big of a deal as people say it is. However, It is a defining time in most women's lives.

How old are you?<br />
ı mean ı had the same fears when ı was younger, and then ı had my daughter. and ı was so scared durıng my pregnancy that ı had a bıt of councellıng. anyway ı got though ıt wıth hardley no paınkıllers and was ın labour for only 6 hours (whıch ıs good for a fırst baby) and all that was not ın great paın just for a hour gıve or take.<br />
Now ı am thınkıng of havıng another baby and after 11 years of my fırst- ı am alıttle scared. sılly hey...?