Pregnancy-Not Me

I'm really afraid of pregnancy. I mean, I can't imagine how hard it could be, and after my mother had us (5 children), sometimes she talks about how difficult it was and stuff, and they've mentioned that even in TV. Still, someday I'll get pregnant and I'll have to deal with that fact. I'm not just afraid of the hardship of it, but of what I'm going to do with the baby after that because I don't know anything about babies, just like most teenagers, hah. Still I think that pregnancy and giving birth is a miracle, and I'm really proud of that.
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1 Response Apr 17, 2007

Don't kid yourself, NO ONE knows how to handle their first new born baby, teenager OR adult. There are a ton odf scary stories out their about giving birth, and once you have a child you will laugh with the other moms that there is NO way a man would EVER do it!! But the truly scary part is not the birth, but the baby AND scary or not, it is the MOST amazing moment of your life AND if it was ALL so terrible, then EVERY family would only have one child. The fact that your mother had 5, and funnily enough so did my mother, IF it was HORRIFIC as they said it was, they would NOT have done it again ;)