I Think I'm Next

Almost all my cousins my age are expecting and people think i'm next i can't take the pressure.  I'm a dancer i can't get pregnant and besides that, my mom would kill me.

tinkabella tinkabella
18-21, F
4 Responses Apr 26, 2007

I know the feeling. My cousin's is expecting his second child later this year. My sister is expecting any day now. A couple of my closest friends have children. The enormity of it all is crushing sometimes. And the worst part is being the only one without children or the plans to have one anytime soon. You tend to feel left out, even if you don't want one right now.

ROFL! nice words, Ray! Is your last name Romano??!! lol. It is good that you are supportive of her though. Good luck you two!

dont worry about it. your not pregnant and your not going to get pregnant until we get married.<br />

Don't worry all of my female cousins got married before me, had children before me and divorced and remarried a second time which I still have not remarried and I am 37 years old. I have had the opportunity I have been engaged twice in the last 10 years and I called it off both times. So just be careful until you are ready. It doesn't mean it will happen to you even though it seems to be happening to everyone else around you. I am a little superstitious myself and I can understand you feeling a little freaked out by all the coincidence surrounding you.