Dont Be Afraid of Pregnantcy

You shouldn't really be afraid of pregnancy. if your willing to have sex then you should be willing to face the consequences. I'm not afraid of my girl getting pregnant because she wants to but me and her both know that were just not ready at the moment. and there really isn't anything to be afraid of when you come to think about it.
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3 Responses Apr 30, 2007

I had so many reactions that I cant even agree with my words here. And even now it still ****** me off when people play like they are pregnant. I'm not afraid of it, I just didn't really want kids, and I do not want anymore. Actually seems like even the people that I was thinking about trying it with none can or either will not be able to soon so ... yea...

My grandmother died during childbirth.

I tend to disagree with you on this one. Don't get me wrong, I think people should definitely own up to their mistakes. And I had your stance when I was younger for sure. But after my sister got pregnant for the first time at 17 and decided to have an abortion, I couldn't muster up the anger I should've had at her. I knew that it was best for her. Her father and step-mother would've kicked her out. Her boyfriend was in some serious financial trouble. She was only in high school. She decided that it was the best outcome for her dispite her love and want for that child. And I couldn't disagree with her logic.<br />
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Pregnancy and children change everything dramatically. That's something to fear right there. Not only do they change your body but it changes your mind, heart, and life. Suddenly you're not only responsible for youself anymore. You're the caretaker of a helpless human being. The whole world changes when you have a child. And financially, a baby is a heafty burden. When you are in school, it's almost an impossible responsibility. When you're working a part time job, it's just not feasible financially. I personally don't even make enough money to support myself at the moment. And forget the financial aspect, I can hardly take care of myself in other respects. How could I have a child and see that it grows up right when I'm not even done growing up yet?

Well said. I agree with you. Babies are hard to raise. I have none, but my sister does and many of my friends too. At such a young age I am still maturing emotionally and physically. The last thing I need to happen is a pregnancy. The idea that I could accidentally hurt a baby due to ignorance terrifies me. I feel people should be in the right situation, emotionally, physically and financially before considering children