Postnatel Depprision, chapter 1.

its changed me in every way possible. so many other bad things wos going on at the same time. had my son so beautiful wi his lil blonde hair thought i wosent going to make it tru the labour after the hours slowly passed i stiil had not dileted 10 center meters .they gave me every pain relife ther wos but wos losen my streath tis is after 22 hours in labour family wos so worried by tis time as i had 3 kids allready .my husband holdn my had to my left the midwife 2 the right, remember them shoutn at me and then i wos above them lookn dwn every ten wos white the instrumens the table the room all white, and i lokd dwn at him shoutn at her remeber no pain just a sad feeln why were they  shoutn its not her fault then nxt i wos back again asken my husband why he wos shoutn at me. he wos only helpn then my son went in 2 distress, nxt 2 doctors un and forced me open can still feel the crushn of bones tht they had 2 break, then my son wos born,he wosent breathen it wos 21 december 1145 pm 30 hours of labour . nxt doctors nurses run in 2 the room all crowed around my baby as i wos still haven the after birth, i screamed 4 my son 2 breath will him, askd god our lady and st gano to make him breath the first min passed my husband lookd like he 2 cld have died. remember countn prayn tht he breath but the 3 mins wos nearly up. i wos screemen god make him breath the a song filld the room i had a dream by westlife then i heard his lil cry. tht wos it my son wos fine thank god. went home nxt day done all the xmass shoppn. bookd the church his cristening wos on the 27 of dec. all wos gr8t on till a few day after the cristening, thts when it started........started feeln dwn then had a lot of hassle from my husbands ppl, they have ruined my life , they ar evil. since i married they tried 2 bully me my son cristing gave them the excuse to treatn me again  the day after his baptism they seid they wos gone cut my stomach open cos they wosent invited to the christen. but thts a different story,

moll moll
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do you have children cause if u dont how do you no you will get postnal depression ...........

yes i have 5 children ......