P.n.d. Part 2

so tryn to get  tru xmass plus haven my baby then the cristen wos exhausten but loved every minut of it. on thts on till i just startd to feel so dwn dont no how 2 explin it just felt like i wosent me, id cry 4 the least lil thin, it became normel to creap outa bed at 4 am to wash my windows to scrub the driveway 2 wash the walls out side my house. tht wos every nte my husband wld fall assleep id lie so still prenden i wos a sllep ,after i new 4 sure he wos asleep thts when id creep out of the room and my day wld start after id finnishd the roads n wall id go n re do the inside cleanen ,6 am id have my bath get kis breakfast ready after the went to school tht wos it i wos alone me and my infant, id lock the doors close the curtians and sit ther wi my baby in my room , family and visitor wld visit but id pray tht they goway id b in my room i wldnt dare answer the door no .then it startd up again my husbands cousins evil ppl started on me cos they wosent invited 2 the cristening it wos just another excuse 4 them to start,and they started alrite i ended up haven to leave my home. 7 years later im still tryn 2 live wi depprision, its hell.anyway few days later they came to my home started shouting treathing ect both sides of the family got in volved it went on  4 weeks on tell they treathend rape.
moll moll
26-30, F
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oh - ok - *HUGS!* from me too...

Just for the sake of it: *Hugs* [The more the better; C'mon join in!] Moll deserves it!

ok whats going on b/t you 2

hugs x

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} to my sweet Moll.