I Need Some Information

I am 16 years old and i think i'm pregnant, my boyfriend is 29 and we have been together for nearly 3 months. we are the perfect couple and we have a great sex life.

During October last year i had a cyst on my ovaries, recently i have just started having problems. I don't like doctors so i don't go and see them. these pains i have been getting seem to be getting worse.

Recently me and my boyfriend have started to have unprotected sex, i know we shouldn't but we do. Me and my boyfriend have spoken about me getting pregnant and having a baby but we both said that we would wait a few years.

I have started to become sick in the mornings and it makes me scared to know that i could be pregnant. i know it would be my fault but its my life. I've also been very emotional lately and i don't know why. I have back pain and my stomach pains sometimes make me cry. I constantly eat but i feel like i haven't.

My boyfriend wants me to do a test at the weekend but i'm too nervous, if i am i think i would have an abortion...my boyfriend said he would prefer that at the moment with the situation. he also said he would come with me when i have an abortion....

do you think i'm pregnant?
Milwee Milwee
Jan 22, 2013