I'm Afraid to Get Pregnant.

I'm terrified of pregancy, I always have been, since I was a little girl.  I've built up this irrational fear that I will a) die or b) experience such extreme post-partum depression that I will harm myself or my child.  You have to understand, these fears are based in the reality that I am a completely passive non-violent person until I'm in the throes of my deepest depressive periods.  When I'm severely depressed, I am completely irrational, and suicidal...and then there are the dreams...I dream of being pregnant, and the pain in my dreams is so intense that I wake up crying.  I really, truly, want a family, I want children...but I think adoption may be my best option. 

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Incredible, I struggle with these exact some feelings and fears...more-so, I am really torn because I know the complications ( as well as time 3-10 years to adopt) that come with an adoption...the conflict in my heart physically hurts sometimes.

im only a girl and i dont have a boyfriend but im still afraid of getting pregnant. im always looking at my stomach and sometimes i have slight pains in my lower area and i feel like im pregnant even if i know im not. i really need to stop thinking about it because i dont need to worry about it. also i think well if i was will my family hate me or will my friends turn on me. so if anyone could help me at all with my fear please feel free and talk to me.

You are very right as expecting a baby for 9 months and then the process of delivery can be so scaring and daunting. However, this is just one experience in life among many others that cause us to fear. Fear and worry is not healthy for your body, mind and spirit. Fear and worry are induced into our lives by the devil as he knows that these two things are the main causes of inner confusion. I request you not to be offended here by my words but I believe that fear and worry are ungodly. Any time you fear or worry over an occurance in life it definely happens that way. The good thing is that these feelings about life can be reversed. Imagine any holy sex between spouses in marriage makes them co-creators with God. God is happy when you procreate and will never allow you to die for being a partner with Him in creation. I suggest that you involve God in your life endeavors and He will never let you down. Please do a self audit of your relationship with God. Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins and my sins so that we can have life in abundance! Start to direct your thoughts and character to God today. Wow, my sister there are beautiful children you are denying a right to come into existence. Your children to come are blessed and will be great in the land. You will testify and wonder why you had not taken this positively. I want to encourage you to swallow your pride as a human being and believe in God. People fail in life because they do not want to be involved with God. Remember, your life is controlled by a supernatural force called God, the Creater of man, the earth and heaven. I will take time to pray for you for God to release this fear out of your life, just believe that this can happen because with God all things are possible. What is impossible with man is possible with God. Please let me know what happens when you decide to follow this. I would be happy to hear from you someday with a testimony and photos of beautiful children.<br />
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God loves.<br />
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Joe,<br />
Nairobi, Kenya

I think a lot of women have fears like this and I have to say that having 2 pregnancies from hell...with one ending in a 3rd degree tear and the other with me dying on the table, I would still do it again. Pregnancy I hated I was so sick up until the day I had them but also excited that a little person who I would hold one day was growing inside of me and it is an amazing feeling...labour these days is easy, there are so many drugs around to help you through and with the antenatal classes you can talk to them about your fears and many hospitals will accomodate you and give you some great advice...As I said I had 2 miserable pregnancies and labors but a few weeks later I really didn't remember much about them as I was to interested in our baby that it just didn't matter....my advice is talk to someone but pregnancy and labor is a really wonderful experience =)

Same here. <br />
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Natlynn, as an ardent believer in reincarnation, I wonder if you might have died during childbirth in a past life. I hear that past life regression can be very helpful to assuage these types of fears.<br />
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I should probably look into it for myself, actually...

Wow! I feel the same way! I've been desperately trying to find an online forum to find other women to talk about this issue with - I'm also terrified of labour and pregnancy too.