I Dont Even Know How to Contro...

i dont even know how to control my own body, so the idea of someone else at the steering wheel is ******* scary. birthing sounds like a horror. and i hardly need the emotional hormonal mood swings on top of what ive already got. despite saying all this, i do tend to have unprotected sex. bad girl, bad bad girl.
piggygoff piggygoff
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2 Responses Jul 7, 2007

heh. although it may be unprotected, it is not with a various array of men. i know them. sure, im aware people can lie. but i have a fatalistic attitude. "if i die, at least i had a good time doing it". hehe. i will try and sort that out one day.

do you have a death wish or something?!?!?!? do STD's not scare the holy h3ll out of you? tsk tsk tsk i'm scared for you! i'd worry more about the diseases than pregnancy ...