I'm Not All the Thrilled A...

I'm not all the thrilled about the pain part of it. I guess the rest I'm not really worried about. But it's not only giving birth that scares me. It's the kind of parent I'll be. I didn't have the greatest expamples of parents in my life and I really really worry that I'll end up being what I was raised with. It makes me think that I should just not have kids all together ya know. I'd never forgive myself if I ended up putting a child...especially my own child....through everything I've been through,
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1 Response Jul 7, 2007

Raising kids is hard but the first step is realising you want to give a child the best upbringing you can. The second is remembering you want to for the 18 or so years it takes to bring one up. Books are always a big learning aid for you to learn how to be a good parent. As for the whole pregnancy itself take the good with the bad. Yeah for one day its gonna be pretty painful (but there's always an epidural to help with that) but remember there's 9 months of eating loads of your favourite food and being far more demanding on those people who love you than you would ever normally be. Its all a big balance in the end!