I'm Mostly Afraid of the I...

I'm mostly afraid of the idea that I may not like it and are not going to have positive feelings towards the baby....
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2 Responses Feb 7, 2007

I think that is a relatively common fear.<br />
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Yet if you want to have a baby, you will fall in love with it. <br />
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Why? Because the hormone oxytocin is an integral part of childbirth and this hormone (which has other functions too) acts as a "bonding hormone." It may sound odd, but this is why the baby is put to the mother's breast as soon as possible. The baby produces pheromones, chemical "signals." The combination of the hormones act as a sort of chemical reward (though few ever think of it that way). <br />
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If the baby is not promptly put with the mother, bonding may be more difficult, more prolonged and the same level of bonding might never occur. <br />
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Breast feeding releases oxytocin--in a sense, another reward which assists bonding. So as strange as it might seem, you and your baby are designed to bond!

The only mother who did not love there child is a heartless one. I love mine already and all the discomfort will be well worth it.