Wish I Wasn't So Afraid

I'm a 35 and recently married, now having a child seems real to me.  I have always been afraid though of being pregnant & childbirth since I was 15.  I have seeked advice from my OB/GYN, my minister and books...now the internet.  I don't have much time to waste anymore.  A lot of the time I feel anxious thinking of me being pregnant.  Then I tend to think of all the what if's that could happen.  And with being older, I think, too, of the risks.  But, I do have days where I feel that I can do this.  I am willing to try anything to help me overcome this fear...I want a child!!  Does anyone have any suggestions or maybe want to share with me on how they overcame their fear/experience?

montanachic92 montanachic92
36-40, F
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

I feel the same way. I want a baby so bad but i'm scared. But we can do it. At the end of the road we will have a baby thats worth facing this fear, well thats what i think

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