Reactions. Reactions. Reactions.

I'm no more interested in face-to-face conversations. Every time I disagreed with someone the other person walked right over me. I don't know why people cannot stand difference, let alone respect or accept them. I've had a lot of ruined days just because people, very often, react so badly at a disagreement and try to impose their view on you by all means. People usually don't notice the polite behaviour but just cut you off by their long heated statement.
I've never been a talkative person rather more on the quieter side, now I don't talk on issues where difference might arise. If it does, I just say I'm happy to listen, I respect their views and try to discuss (only)the common grounds of our views.
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1 Response Jul 25, 2010

Hey beyondrepair - you ain't! I was EXACTLY like that. Then I had this friend who was quite astonishingly honest all the time. The first few times we disagreed I just did my usual cave and crash and pretty much assumed the friendship was over. Felt angry with her, felt angry with me.<br />
BUT I learnt from her, that even though it can be a bit scarey disagreeing with peope and seeing them react to that, YOU SURVIVE IT AND SO DO THEY.<br />
So, it took a while and alot of practice to do it well (e.g. without feeling defensive) but now I can disagee with people, and suffer very little when they disagree with me. I've realised how many people actually think it is no big deal to disgree with others. It was me who just couldn't handle it. And sometimes they seem overbearing but really they just look like that until I come right back, calmly with my own view, or just accept their view but point out that mine's different. <br />
It save me so much anger and it means I don't have to avoid people because I'm not scared of disagreements arising.<br />
My family ethos pretty much disbarred disagreements so I never learnt to do it naturally.<br />
But have now and it makes living with other so much easier.<br />
HAVE A GO and accept you'll feel scared and intimidated the first few times BUT do it. <br />
If it turns out someone can't handle disagreeing with you, they are not a friend and need to deal with their own stuff.