Married Into a Redneck Family

I moved from Michigan here to Tennesee. If i would have met my husbands family before I married him  it would have never had happened. I met his mom 1 month after we got married. His mother lives in an out to be condemed trailer park. The floors are filthy muddy and there are cockroahes all over her trailer. There are holes through the floor and she has to run a hose from her neighbors house into her hallway to wash clothes. The living conditions for his sister are not that much And to think my husband is wanting me to have kids and not have a problem with them going to his mothers.

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Hi, I am with CMT casting and we are currently casting for,“MY BIG REDNECK REUNION.” The hour-long special, hosted by Tom Arnold, will reunite one redneck family with a big-city slicker relative for a family reunion they’ll NEVER forget. If you and your family would like to reconnect with a relative who abandoned his or her country roots we can help! Please do not share this with your city slicker relative, as Tom Arnold will be surprising he/him and brin them home!!! <br />
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You sound like you would be perfect for the show, but the cityslicker can not know about the show... Do you have any other relatives that fit this.<br />
You can contact me, Sammy Jo at

Umm, WTF were you thinking? Why would you get married before knowing his full lifestory? Living together would've been just fine until you took the roadtrip to meet the relatives. And this is immediate family. Just wait till Mom moves in with you & hubby.<br />
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Should've thought this one through, Honey. You don't just marry a guy, you marry into his family. And vice versa.