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Rejection is part of life, its character building or so I'm told..... but you see, I'm scared of rejection, I'm human, its normal, I recognise that..... i also know that I have an awful habit pushing others away BEFORE I am rejected....I am getting better not doing this, but it still happens
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its okay to be afraid of rejection cuz wwe all wanna be part of something or belong to something , anyway rejection dosent mean that your not good or there is something wrong with u cuz sometimes people cant see the how great you are and it simply there lost

No one likes rejections but it happens sometimes, I learn that when someone tells me No I take it and keep moving. I know someone is going to say YES. It does make you feel bad, but do not allow one person/situation stop you. It is so much easier to give up when you have been rejected, it is so easy to use that as an excuse, but let that be your drive, your determination to keep going after whatever it is that we are seeking. I get rejected looking for jobs, I get rejected sometimes when I go out on a date, hoping that maybe this is the one, only to find out we just do not click. It does hurt but I cannot give up.

Everyone would have faced rejection many a times in their life!! How we rebound from it shows the character!! Rejections have made me cry, feel like running out somewhere i cant be found<br />
tears sometimes are good as i feel better after a whole lot of crying...., then i am now ready for the next rejection :)

There is no mystery here, lostlittlefirefly: rejection can be a deeply wounding experience for many of us, as almost all humans have a deep-seated need to feel welcomed and accepted as part of our social groupings, such as our families, tribes and nations.<br />
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But take heart... people who do not suffer this feeling are insensitive, perhaps even sociopathic. Your fear of rejection shows what a sensitive person You are.

Thank you amberdexrous you are very wise

I don't know if anyone likes rejection, but, as the previous comment states, some handle it better than others. I fear rejection as well...but we have to keep putting ourselves out there or we'll never find what we're looking for. xo

thank you all, Your right LG, and I keep putting myself out there, GP, your statement about survival of the fittest strikes accord since its definitely easier to handle rejection when you are at your emotional fittest and that much harder to pick yourself up and carry on when your feeling low and vulnerable at the time of rejection. J,I've been there, huddled under the covers trying to pull myself back together, but what I have learnt is that by doing that, and pre-emptively pushing them away you miss the good stuff.... I don't do it nearly as much as I did.... somedays are bad though, but once I 're-group' and have a word with myself I recognise that the only person hurting is myself..... so all i can do is try to explain to those who i may have tried pushing away why I do this and hope they understand - the ones who are truly there for you do, and you will be amazed at how stronger you can become.... but it isn't easy, negative emotions can sometimes feel stronger than positive ones. A friend once told me to keep in mind that whilst the clouds maybe thick, the Sun is ALWAYS shining, behind them, fighting to give us warmth and strength - we just have to keep that in mind and fight the dark and strive for the light!
Thank you all for commenting and sharing, I value your comments and your friendships, x

You have given a beautiful explanation to it!! I gather a lot of strength from your response...i hope i will start handling rejections better!!